OK – I’ve admitted it before: I’m a hotel junkie. For me, there’s nothing more indulgent than arriving at a luxury hotel and unpacking your bags in a decadently designed room that you’ll be calling home for a few days. Luxury hotels are my weakness – from Grand Dames that ooze romance and history to small boutique properties that make up in charm for what they may lack in size.

But few hotel experiences are ever perfect. While the furnishings may be delightful, the pillows may be too soft. The service may be beyond reproach but the location less than ideal. Even the most polite and easy-to-please travelers can usually find a handful of things that they would change to improve their experience.

Enter Amberlair: Amberlair is a revolutionary new concept developed to address just this. Amberlair will be the world’s first crowd-sourced (even the name ‘Amberlair’ was crowd-sourced!) and crowd-funded hotel. In an attempt to step back from cookie cutter hotels, the goal of this new initiative is to create a boutique, luxury hotel experience that offers guests exactly what they want.

Here’s how it works. You can submit a potential hotel location for consideration. This can be an existing building or a particular place you think would make the ideal location for the first Amberlair hotel. The submissions will be gathered, then trimmed down to a shortlist. You can then vote from the shortlist for your favourite location and the member who submitted the winning location will win the contest to become an Amberlair VIP guest and enjoy a week-long stay at the first hotel when it’s opened.

I love this idea. It puts the power into the hands of the people who are actually going to be staying at these hotels, not just the owners and investors. Once the location is finalized, decisions on all the other details, like interior design and hotel amenities, will also be crowd-sourced, making this a truly unique experience for everyone involved.

I already have a laundry list of ideas for the design decisions, everything from heated floors in the bathroom to strategic placement of outlets around the rooms. And I know my husband and constant travel companion will have a lot of suggestions too, from the fabric and weight of the bedding to the ability to control the room’s temperature. Since we’ve been blessed to travel to 55 countries (and counting!) as a couple, we’ve also stayed in our fair share of hotels – luxury and otherwise. Over the years, we’ve developed a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t and what we would do differently if we owned a hotel. And since owning a hotel isn’t likely to happen, this is the next best thing!

Want to get involved? Visit to learn more.

2 Comments on Amberlair: The World’s First Crowd-Sourced Luxury Hotel

  1. Tarun Melwani
    February 2, 2016 at 11:21 pm (6 years ago)

    Hi Natalia. Really loving your website and the fresh, amazing content! I recently opened a progressive boutique hotel in Ubud and was looking into developing a project with a similar structure as amberlair. Have you gotten a chance to stay there or spoken to a few people that are there?


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