If there’s a frequent traveler on your shopping list this Christmas, find the perfect present that will not only delight them, but will make their upcoming travels better, easier and more stylish. I’ve rounded up 10 favourite finds, all of which I wouldn’t mind finding under the Christmas tree this season (hint, hint!) Here are my top Christmas gifts for travelers:

holiday-gift-guide2rev1 Linen Pintuck Tunic, TravelSmith, $49.99
Linen is lovely but many a traveler will avoid packing anything in this fabric because of the wrinkle factor. But this linen blend tunic delivers the look and feel of linen without the wrinkle. It’s got a wrinkle fighting finish that gives this shirt a crisp and tailored look and makes it an easy item to pack. The traveler on your list will love this stylish addition to their travel wardrobe.

2 The Sprinkle Carry-On Cocktail Kit, Gray Malin, $24
Travel used to be pretty glamourous; these days, it’s become so routine that it’s unfortunately lost a lot of that sparkle. Help someone bring back a bit of that razzle dazzle to their next flight with this impossibly cute Sprinkle Carry-On Cocktail Kit, a collaboration between W&P Design and Gray Malin. This mini mix kit includes everything they’ll need (minus the liquor, of course!) to make a mid-flight vodka tonic, complete with sprinkles for a colourful rimmed drink!

3 Night Cable Marble Edition, Native Union, $60
Whether at home or on the road, a phone charger is an essential. But have you ever noticed that the cords on most phone chargers aren’t very long? And that even when you place it on a shelf or nightstand, it still ends up on the floor where you can’t find it or reach it easily? The Night Cable solves this problem with a 10-foot long cord that has a weighted knot so that the cable stays exactly where you left it. Simple but genius – and a super stylish gift!

4 Colourful Power Banks, TravelSmith, $34
Many travelers will tell you that the one item they can’t travel without is their phone. Chances are that second on that list is a charger. Even better? A portable charger they can take with them to power up when their phone runs out of juice halfway through the day. This power bank fits easily into a purse and gives three full charges to an iPhone! The cute candy colours make this gift especially appealing for the girl on the go!

5 Cashmere Eye Mask, White + Warren, $85
Sleeping well is important for travelers to stay healthy and on their game. But between long flights, time changes and sleeping in unfamiliar environments, that desperately needed sleep can be elusive. Help the frequent traveler on your list get some solid shut eye with this luxurious eye mask, made from 100% cashmere.

6 Luggage Tag Charms, Jet Set Candy, $68
These luggage tag inspired charms are, in a word, charming. Available in solid sterling silver and 14 karat gold vermeil, choose from a wide variety of airport codes that’ll appear to the frequent traveler on your list. Perhaps choose her home airport or her favourite airport to fly into. Or both, since these charms look great layered as well.

7 Samantha Brown Large Crossbody Bag, TravelSmith, $119
Cross body bags are perfect for travel. They’re flat and easy to pack and when you’re using them, they leave you hands free for more important things. This generously sized bag is designed to fit an iPad and two smartphones in padded compartments that will keep them safe. Its slim profile makes it ideal for traveling in crowds and multiple pockets help to keep odds and ends organized.

8 Shea Butter Handcreme, Lollia, $25
Many travelers wash their hands frequently to keep germs at bay. But excessive handwashing can leave hands feeling dry and chapped so it’s always a good idea to have a deeply moisturizing lotion on hand. This beautifully packaged shea butter handcreme blends macadamia nut and avocado oils to create a soothing salve that makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any girl who loves pretty things.

9 Embossed Leather Journal, Saks Fifth Avenue, $78
This embossed leather journal, the result of a collaboration between Gigi New York and lifestyle blogger Kat Tanita, is an ideal companion for a constant traveler. Available in an array of muted colours, this journal is the perfect place to record notes, numbers and stray thoughts.

10 Fleece Zip Pocket Scarf, TravelSmith, $39
Travelers who like to travel light need items that can do double duty – like this fleece scarf that can also carry a phone, credit cards and keys inside a concealed zip pocket at one end. Easy to pack and easy to wear, this scarf is also made from a wrinkle-resistant fabric, making it even more travel-friendly!

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