I’m back on the road, this time to Switzerland – Zurich, actually – and I can’t wait. I’m not just excited about my arrival in Switzerland. The journey there is half the fun! I can’t wait to board the Swiss plane and check it all out. I love flying.

I got myself packed and ready to go last night before bed so when I awoke, all I needed to do was take a shower and wolf down a bowl of Mini Wheats. A few notes about packing, before I continue, though. It’s a little chilly in Zurich right now, which made packing a more strategic endeavour than usual. You see, for the most part, I only travel with carry on luggage; the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of leaving those cute shoes that I may or may not need at home. Here’s more on that subject.  Anyway, packing light is easily accomplished when traveling to a warm destination (cotton summer dresses take up no room!) but when traveling somewhere chilly, it gets harder to pack those big sweaters and jeans in a small carry-on suitcase. But I did it! I rolled everything so tightly that I was able to fit two pairs of jeans, lots of light but warm sweaters, dresses for dinners, one pair of running shoes and a pair of dressy boots — plus toiletries, chargers for my arsenal of gadgets and a flat iron. Phew! The key is definitely rolling everything instead of folding!

And speaking of flat irons … Every time I visit Europe, I blow (as in blow up!) my hair dryer and/or flat iron. Using an adapter seems to work just fine for electronic devices but not electrical devices, which I recently learned from a pleasant man at the Radio Shack across the street from my office. So every time I plug ’em in, my hair dryer / flat iron dies this sad, pitiful death and I’m left with decidedly un-cute hair, cursing European voltage or whatever. A stroke of luck, when wandering through Winners, I found a dual-voltage flat iron that should work in both North America and Europe without a problem. We’ll see …

OK, so Swiss flies out of Montreal so I left Toronto on a 12pm flight and made the one-hour journey to Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. So, that’s where I am right now. I had about four hours to kill before the flight but I’m not complaining. The airport is clean and bright and I’m hanging out in the Maple Leaf Lounge with a cup of tea. I even had time to get a manicure at YulSpa (514-633-5766). The flight should be boarding in about twenty minutes so I’m off to get something to eat. Until Zurich …

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