It seems hard to believe but Switzerland just keeps getting better and better. Just when you think the landscape couldn’t possibly get more beautiful … it does. Right before your very eyes, it continues to transform from one stunning vignette into another. Yesterday, I had the thrill of visiting Chexbres. It’s a municipality in the Swiss canton Vaud and is home to rolling acres of vineyards. Nestled along the coast of Lake Geneva, with a view of the French Alps just across the way, this place is spectacular.

Rather than dampen the mood, the rain and overcast skies simply added to the magic of this place. The lake was like glass and the moody sky was perfect in its imperfection.

A visit through Switzerland’s wine country wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a local winery for … wine and cheese. We got the morning off to a rocking start with wine from Domaine Bovy and a post-breakfast-pre-lunch snack of Gruyere and Camembert and fresh bread. Yum! Now this is living.

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