On the road again, this time on the trip of a lifetime. Italy has long been on my bucket list. I’ve daydreamed about traveling to Italy for many years and this week, my dream came true. But before we land in Venice, I’ll tell you about my journey there.

From Toronto I flew to Newark, as I was flying British Airways from Newark to London to Venice. British Airways just recently opened a brand new lounge for business class passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport and I got to check it out. Here’s a peek inside:

British Airways recently changed the location of their gates at Newark, part of a multi-million dollar upgrade to Terminal B. This new lounge means a shorter walk to the gates for passengers when they’re ready to board. The new lounge is about twice the size as the old one it’s replacing. When I first walked in, I was the only person there, save a few staff members, which really emphasized how large it was. But even as the lounge filled up, almost to capacity, it didn’t feel cramped or crowded. The lounge has seating for 177 passengers, spread out over more than 8,000 square feet.

The furnishings in the new lounge are modern and elegant and – perhaps more importantly – comfortable. Many travelers I chatted with in the lounge had wait times of about five hours for their connecting flights. Comfort is important. But the fact that they look so good doesn’t hurt either. Bright, bold fabrics help add a modern look and feel to the lounge.

The lounge is enveloped in floor-to-ceiling windows, making it the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the panoramic views and do some planespotting.

You won’t go hungry in the lounge. There’s a tea and coffee station with crackers, cheese, pastries and biscuits.

There’s also a deli, a full bar, plus a dining area with a full hot and cold buffet. There’s a central island set up with fruit, fresh fruit juices, chips and other snacks as well. I loved that they offered fresh fruit juices!

Although – perhaps the best treat I found in the lounge were these Smores bars for dessert, which I sampled after my hot meal of salmon cakes and creamy bacon mashed potatoes.

Of course, it’s mostly business travelers who frequent the lounge and for them, plenty of amenities are available. There’s free WiFi (just ask a lounge attendant for the password), as well as four PCs, a printer and a small table with power ports so you can charge up all your gadgets. Although, I have to say – I’ve noticed this any time I’ve been in a business class airline lounge: There are hardly any women. It’s mostly (in my experience) a sea of men in suits with loosened ties and rolled up sleeves, the globally recognized signs of a long day at work and the need for a scotch. Have we really not come as far as we think we have? Is business travel still predominantly the domain of men, while we women stay home to tend to the family? I digress but I couldn’t help but ponder this as I sipped my English Breakfast tea and surveyed my surroundings.

The British Airways lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport is bright and welcoming and the service quite good. The friendly staff are easy to find, ready to answer questions and quick to whisk away that empty mug.

Have you been to the new British Airways lounge in Newark? If you have, what did you like best?

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  1. Karen
    July 15, 2012 at 10:49 am (12 years ago)

    I haven’t been to the new lounge at Newark but I’d love to check it out – British Airways is one of my favorite airlines! Thanks for the review.


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