So, I’m delayed in Zurich Airport and I’ve got plenty of time to kill. I’m hanging out in the lounge and all around me are stranded passengers, sleeping in uncomfortable positions on the chairs and leather couches. I’m thinking about joining them but knowing me, I’ll fall into such a deep sleep I’ll miss my flight. So instead, I’m sitting here blogging (whining?) and plane-spotting, watching flights land and take off. Mostly, there are Swiss planes, but I’ve also seen Air Canada, British Airways, El Al, Thai Airways and Lufthansa.

My flight is delayed due to lingering ash clouds so I’m trying not to complain too profusely. I fully understand the need to take precautions and a three-hour delay isn’t so bad, anyway. So, I’m amusing myself at this great international airport. So, what to do?

I’m going to grab something to eat in the lounge and enjoy the views of Switzerland outside the large, floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the lounge. I can see fields of gold in the distance; it’s rapeseed, used to make canola oil.

After a bite to eat, there’s lots of shopping to keep me busy. I plan to visit one of the many Swatch shops — what better souvenir to take home than a Swiss timepiece? There are tons of other shops to check out: Gucci, Emporio Armani, Davidoff, Hermes, La Prairie and Montblanc to name a few. But the store that will require the most self-control is Sprungli. Not only does everything look divine and decadent but the packaging is simply gorgeous. Check out these macaroons? Think I can resist?

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