Now that I’m a new mom, I’m (slowly) learning about all the ways to make family travel more manageable. I recently wrote about the Scandinavian brand Stokke (the luxurious car seat and stroller system designed in Norway) and now, I’m all about another Scandinavian brand: DockATot. Designed in Sweden, DockATot is a safe, snug and secure bed for your little one and is perfect for safe co-sleeping and for transitioning your babe from a crib to a big-kid bed. It’s not only a good place for baby to sleep but it’s also great for playing, lounging and doing supervised tummy time. It’s got high, rounded bumpers to keep baby from rolling out and is as snug as a hug. Since babies feel calmer in a smaller environment, the DockATot is designed to mimic the mother’s womb. I love taking it around the house with me from room to room so that wherever I am, there’s someplace to safely lay my son down.

But what I love even more about the DockATot is that it’s portable and easy to travel with. Now you don’t need to worry about using the hotel’s facilities (especially if they’re questionable) and your little one will have the comfort and cleanliness of home wherever he goes. It eliminates the need for a hotel crib and means baby always has someplace safe to sleep, whether you’re at a hotel or visiting family. (Of course, while the DockATot provides a safe place for baby to sleep in bed with you, you must still be careful not to let him get trapped beneath loose blankets and it’s not advised to co-sleep if you’re intoxicated.)

When my husband and I took our newborn son on his first road trip, we were so grateful to have the DockATot with us. It gave Jack a safe place to hang out and play, which is comforting, especially when you’re in a new environment and one that has not been baby-proofed. You can also purchase a travel case for the DockATot for easy transportation.

DockATots come in a range of fun colours and patterns and are available in two sizes, Deluxe and Grand, to accommodate a growing baby. Jack has almost outgrown his DockATot Deluxe so it’s time to move on to the Grand. While the functionality and practicality of this product are the biggest factors, it’s also worth commenting on how pretty they are, too (I’d expect no less from a Swedish company!) The designs are fresh and modern. Plus, they’re made to be 100% breathable with non-toxic materials and to create a comfortable micro-climate that’s neither too warm, nor too cool. All in all, it’s a luxurious lounger for baby and peace of mind for mom and dad. Now if only they’d make them for adults!

PS: If you’re not a new parent, this makes a great gift for someone who’s expecting!

Buy DockATot here.

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