sprinkles-featured-imageFor visitors to Los Angeles, there’s a list of essential things tourists need to see and do. The famed Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard come to mind. Getting close enough to snap an Instagram-worthy photo of the sometimes-elusive Hollywood sign. Visiting the Griffith Observatory. Posing in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, on your hands and knees, beside the footprints of a favourite celebrity. And all of this while keeping one eye open for a potential celebrity sighting. You’re on their turf now. They could be lurking anywhere.

Visit: Sprinkles
But there’s something else I suggest adding to your list of things to do in Los Angeles. And that’s stopping in at Sprinkles for a cupcake. Sure, cupcakes might seem like old news these days; they’re getting edged out by doughnuts, I hear. But the Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills is the original cupcake bakery and you’d really be missing out if you didn’t visit.

Despite the fact that Sprinkles opened up in 2005, the line to get into the tiny little bakery snaked down the street.

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM
One Sunday afternoon, my husband Johnny Jet treated me to the ultimate girly day: A trip to Tiffany followed by a visit to Sprinkles. (He’s a gem; I know.)  Despite the fact that Sprinkles opened up in 2005, the line to get into the tiny little bakery snaked down the street. I jumped in line while my husband went to find a place to park. While standing in line, I noticed the cupcake ATM. Come again? If you know of the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, then this is old news. But if you, like me, had no idea such a thing existed, I assure you, it’s very cool. If you don’t want to stand in line, simply approach the machine and use it essentially as you would an ATM. The touch screen allows you to scroll through the cupcake flavours, select one, swipe your credit card and voila – a $4 cupcake in a lovely brown box slides down to greet your eager hands. Brilliant. (Also: They have ‘doggie cupcakes’, which are … cupcakes for your dog. It’s a sugar-free cupcake, topped with a yogurt frosting. I don’t know … it’s L.A.)

The ATM is open 24 hours a day for late-night cravings. When the bakery is closed, covert cupcakes can still be yours under the cover of darkness. You can bet this is a hit with the partying college crowd.

cupcakes3Inside Sprinkles Cupcakes
Inside the bakery, the design is minimalist. The cupcakes are the star of the show here, with trays and trays of the sweet treats just waiting, begging to be chosen by you. The range of flavours is extensive and you’ll even find vegan and gluten-free options. Each month, there’s a different cupcake menu; flavours are seasonal and you’ll find special occasion cupcakes to help you celebrate events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas and even Nurse’s Day, which might sound a little weird but the more I think about it, the better the idea seems. I’ve known some pretty wonderful nurses who deserve to be thanked for their efforts.

If you just can’t get enough of these tasty delights, pick up a can (or two, or three, or – whatever, that’s your business) of the cupcake mixes for sale. You can whip them up any time at home and your friends and family will thank you. I am speaking from experience.

So if a visit to Los Angeles is in your future, don’t leave without swinging by the Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills. (There are also locations at The Grove and the newest location is soon to be opened in downtown Los Angeles, not far from the Staples Centre. Visit Sprinkles.com for a list of locations across the US. When are you coming to Canada?!) And then go back again at night, when the bakery is closed and try the ATM.


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