sugarfina-featureIf you’re a kid at heart and have a secret, insatiable sweet tooth, it’s a safe bet to say that you’re going to adore Sugarfina. Recently opened on Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Sugarfina is a luxury candy store for grown-ups and it’s the ultimate indulgence.

Occupying an expansive stretch of space, the Sugarfina shop is a delight to the senses from the moment you walk in. It’s all white walls and clean lines, punctuated by a vibrant rainbow of colour, courtesy of the carefully curated collection of candy that line the walls and make Sugarfina so unique.

Sugarfina is the brainchild of Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, a lovely couple who, after watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, lamented the lack of candy options for grown-ups … great idea, right? They quit their jobs and got to work, devising and designing and developing a concept that’s fresh and original. The result is a beautiful shop that offers up a tempting array of treats in a space that’s decidedly chic and sophisticated.


Like something straight out of your childhood dreams, the walls of Sugarfina are lined with candies. The Champagne Bears and Peach Bellinis are the shop’s biggest sellers (I sampled both; hashtag yummy) but there’s lots more than gummies: chocolates, licorice, caramels, malt balls and marshmallows to name a few. The packaging is gorgeous, too. Simple clear acrylic boxes (small, $7; large, $18) are available as well as beautiful bento boxes in the company’s lovely signature colour, turquoise.

At Sugarfina, it’s all about the details. The design of the shop, the packaging and of course the collection of candy carefully chosen from only the best around the world, come together to create a luxury experience that’s just plain fun. While everything is available for purchase online (a great way to get a taste for what’s on offer), do try to stop by the shop if you visit Los Angeles. Your inner child will thank you!

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