Father’s Day is coming up and while we should let Dad know we love him every day of the year, it’s nice to have a special day that’s dedicated to honouring him. And if, like most people I know, your dad is tough to shop for, then consider one of these 10 great Father’s Day gift ideas. (We all know that all Dad really wants is the pleasure of your company but it doesn’t hurt to treat him to something he’d never buy himself!)

1 Apple AirPods | 2 Facial Hair Maintenance Set | 3 Camden-Fit Non-Iron Gingham Shirt | 4 Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle | 5 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 6 Ray-Ban Highstreet Sunglasses | 7 Amazon Echo 

| 8 Away Carry-On Suitcase | 9 Invisball by Corkcicle | 
10 Tile Mate

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