I just read an article on USAToday.com about the fact that Hawaii is losing its beaches. According to the article: “Geologists say more than 70% of Kauai’s beaches are eroding while Oahu has lost a quarter of its sandy shoreline. They warn the problem is only likely to get significantly worse in coming decades as global warming causes sea levels to rise more rapidly.” I am saddened beyond words to learn of this. Not only is this disastrous for obvious environmental reasons but Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on earth, stands to suffer in other ways, too. The article goes on to say that visitors to the state spend about $11.4 billion each year, making the economic repercussions of the loss of beaches, enormous as well. If the beaches disappear, it seems to follow that the tourists will, too. Read the full article here.

There was once a time when Hawaii was the ultimate dream destination for me. I thought there was a real possibility that I would never visit these idyllic islands and that they would forever remain just out of grasp. And then I had the good fortune to visit. Twice. First Maui. Then Oahu. I can say this: they lived up to expectation. Surpassed, perhaps. The beauty I found there was breathtaking and I’ll never forget the time I spent on either of those islands. Below are two of my favourite photos from my trip to Oahu.

Waikiki Beach
, with Diamond Head standing majestically in the background.

Oahu’s North Shore. Sunny one minute, stormy the next, the coastline was breathtaking either way. Forty-foot waves were the news of the day when this picture was taken.

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