journeymaker-featureWhat a privilege it is to travel the world. Between both personal and professional opportunities, I’ve seen more of the world than I ever dreamed I would or could. And no matter how many times I travel, the experience is always shiny and new. Travelling frequently has never dulled my excitement and each trip is a dream and an opportunity I’m so deeply grateful for.

There are so many factors that go into making a travel experience memorable – from the airport experience to the hotels, to the sights and sounds of your destination. And not to be overlooked, the people.

There have been many Journeymakers along my travels. These are the people who start out as strangers and in mere days become friends, maybe confidants, even soul mates. These are the people who ease the stresses of travel, make you smile after a long day, and go the extra mile to make your journey special. I’ve encountered all of these people on my travels and each one of them has shaped my experience in ways they may not even be aware of.

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had meeting someone new was in the remote jungles of India. It’s where I met Desu, a Nepalese butler working at the safari lodge where my husband and I were staying. He barely spoke English so we didn’t communicate through many words. But his kindness needed no words; it was evident in his actions, in his eyes and in his smile. He took care of me like a sister, especially when I got sick and when we left the lodge, I cried as I hugged Desu goodbye, knowing that I’d never see him again.

Journeymakers are the role American Express Canada is proud to play, a leading JourneyMaker that is celebrating 100 years of providing Cardmembers with high-level service to help them fulfill their travel dreams. As a JourneyMaker, American Express provides Cardmembers with end-to-end service – from helping them book their travel and providing a pleasant airport experience to enjoying the best of any given destination.

American Express has certainly made my journey more pleasant at my home airport, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. As an American Express Platinum Cardmember, I can access the Priority Security Lanes in Terminals 1 and 3 to expedite my way through security. And the Card also grants me access to over 600 Priority Pass lounges around the world! Even better, whether you’re a Cardmember or not, you can still access many of the American Express benefits at Toronto Pearson, like free WiFi (woo hoo!), a spacious revesting area and best of all, access to the recently launched Entertainment on Cloud 10™ program, whereby travellers can download up to 10 ebooks and 10 songs for free (the content selection changes monthly). The free music download perk is how I first discovered Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, an anthem I’ve grown to love!

All of these perks help to simplify the travel process, making it easier and faster for me to get on my way to all the other experiences that await. (I seriously would have missed a flight from Toronto to London, en route to Nairobi, if I hadn’t had access to the American Express expedited security lanes.) TIP: Did you know that Platinum Cardmembers can take advantage of the Platinum Concierge to do everything from making restaurant reservations and planning unique travel itineraries to even ordering flowers for someone back home? The American Express Platinum Card comes with countless benefits so be sure you know what they are! To learn more about American Express’ travel offerings and the benefits of being an American Express Cardmember, visit

According to a recent survey conducted by American Express Canada, 85% of Canadians believe spending money on travel is an investment worth making and 87% of Canadians value investing time in life experiences over investing in material possessions (13%) and value meaningful life experiences (89%) over focusing on their profession (11%). I couldn’t agree more. Travel has fulfilled me and taught me more than most other pursuits and it’s the Journeymakers along the way that have made all the difference.

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