kate-spade-featureOver a sushi lunch with my friend Tara last week, she casually mentioned Kate Spade’s revised policy for shipping to Canada. What revised shipping policy, I asked between bites of edamame.

If you’re a Canadian woman with a penchant for polka dots, you’ve probably tried to indulge your guilty pleasure at katespade.com. But like so many of us, you may have learned the hard way that the formerly border-unfriendly website was just too expensive to use. With no flat-rate shipping, plus exorbitant taxes and duties, shipping to Canada just didn’t make any sense. Shame. I really loved all those candy colours, pretty polka dots and jaunty stripes.

But according to the email that Kate Spade issued to Canadian customers last week, their bad shipping policy is about to change. Starting today, they’re offering flat-rate shipping to Canada for just $20 and customers will be able to pay duties and taxes upfront (meaning no unexpected surprises when your package gets delayed at the border). Canadian customers will also be able to process returns more easily and shop from Kate Spade Saturday, a new Kate Spade brand scheduled to launch this spring.

So, with improved shipping on its way, I decided to check out katespade.com to do a little window-shopping. Needless to say, I had a wish list going in no time. Here’s what’s on mine:


1 Spade hinge bangle, $88 | 2 Estate garden studs, $58 | 3 Seaport watch, $150 | 4 Pike place market bryce, $168 | 5 Celina dress, $398 | 6 Dabney wedges, $258 | 7 Field day ring, $78

7 Comments on Kate Spade Improves Shipping to Canada

  1. Lauren
    March 20, 2013 at 3:50 am (11 years ago)

    This equals trouble for me. SO MUCH WANT. <3

    • Natalie
      March 20, 2013 at 3:59 am (11 years ago)

      I know – so much pretty stuff and now it’s just a click away. That spells trouble. And very excited to check out Kate Spade Saturday, which should be launching very soon!

      • katie
        May 14, 2013 at 3:02 pm (11 years ago)

        Hi there, I was just wondering if you were able to successfully place an order at katspade.com? Im from canada too but I simply could not find the option for Canada shipping on the site. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

        • Natalie
          May 16, 2013 at 5:01 am (11 years ago)

          Hi Katie – I just tried to purchase something on KateSpade.com and found no option to ship to Canada either. That’s so disappointing! Sorry if this blog post was misleading – I wrote it after my friend forwarded me the email directly from Kate Spade, stating that they were offering improved shipping to Canada. This is really unfortunate – I hope that it changes soon!

  2. Marisa
    May 9, 2013 at 5:30 pm (11 years ago)

    Just an FYI…I am from Canada and just tried to purchase a bag that I have been coveting for months. It finally went on sale…and guess what?! Kate Spade isn’t shipping to Canada at all! I was told that the only way I could get the bag was to ship to someone or anyone I might know who lives in the US…that is just ridiculous. Kate Spade too bad for you…you’re losing out on a huge market up here in the North.

    • Natalie
      May 16, 2013 at 5:05 am (11 years ago)

      Hi Marisa – thanks for your message. That is so disappointing to hear. I hadn’t tried to order anything when I wrote this post … but I certainly took their word for it, since Kate Spade had sent out an email newsletter spreading the news! Suggesting that you ship the bag to someone you know in the US is absolutely ridiculous, a ludicrous suggestion, actually. How disappointing. I agree – it’s their loss.


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