I’m busy, busy, busy, trying to get through the 143 unread emails that are demanding my attention and threatening to ruin my day. I’m trying to prepare for my next trip. But busy or not, I couldn’t resist the urge to take a few moments to update you on where I’m headed:

{photo via skyscanner.net}

OK, that’s not the most specific clue I could have given (but I’m a Union Jack junkie – just love it!) I’m on my way to London and if only I could tick everything off my to-do list, I’d be even more excited than I already am. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

Attending the opening night party of Marriott’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. This historic Victorian property (called by some London’s most romantic building), is ready to throw open its doors and I can’t wait to get a peek inside. These photos of the hotel’s grand staircase are already making me swoon:

I’m looking forward to picking up a few tins of tea from Harrods. I picked up the English Breakfast Blend last time I was in the city and it’s – yes, it’s delicious – no surprise there. And the quaint tins are perfect for storing your regular, boring, grocery-store tea when you run out of the good stuff.

{photo via popsop}

Of course there’s the theatre, the shopping, the extremely pleasant sound of English accents … and I’m hoping there’s still some of that royal wedding fever in the air. I was happy to watch from home for the better view and calmer environment, but I’m sure the romance of it all still lingers.

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