One of my least favourite things about travel is being weighed down with stuff. You know how it is – you roll up to the airport with everything neatly packed but before you know it, you’re scrambling to find your passport and your hands are filled with stuff — pen, boarding pass, customs forms. Your shoulder bag is hanging from your elbow and you’re trying to roll your suitcase with your other hand but you’ve dropped your boarding pass and the people in line behind you are starting to scowl. You’ve only got two hands and if you could, you would move faster!

The airport is not the place to be disorganized. Just recently, I was sitting at my gate, waiting to board an American Airlines flight to New York when the flight attendant came by, saw my luggage and asked for a personal demonstration of the gadget I’m about to tell you about. It’s called a LUGbuddy and it’s the greatest little invention. It’s like a bungee cord. You fasten one end around the handle of your suitcase. Then, place your hand luggage (or whatever else you’re carrying) on top of the suitcase and stretch the LUGbuddy across the item, securing it at the back of the suitcase’s pull handle. Finally, tighten the LUGbuddy with the cord lock if necessary.

This gem is one of the best products I’ve found when it comes to helping you stay organized. It makes it so much easier to navigate your way through the airport when your two pieces of luggage are secured together like this and it also leaves one hand free. I LUG my LUGbuddy and never travel without it! Visit for more information.


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  1. trendytravelista
    June 7, 2009 at 10:38 pm (15 years ago)

    It’s really handy at the airport — I highly recommend it!


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