Stand at any baggage carousel at any airport around the world and you’ll see an endless parade of small black suitcases coming down the line, one by one, each one looking just like the last. I understand why; black is classic, it won’t clash with what you’re wearing (if you’re worried about such things) and after a few trips, it doesn’t look as dirty as it actually is. Yes, everyone seems to opt for the little black suitcase. (Not me – my luggage set is purple … ) Anyhow, the trouble with all the black suitcases is, of course, that it’s a bit difficult to spot yours as it spins around the carousel. I’m sure you’ve found yourself pawing someone else’s luggage, looking for something that identifies it as yours. Here’s a solution: These colourful bag tags will help you spot your suitcase easily (and they’re bilingual, sporting cheeky phrases in English and French, too!)

Available at:
Price: $10 for a pack of four



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