I admit it: I’m a gadget girl. I love my tech toys and when I travel, it’s nearly impossible to leave any of them at home. My smartphone, laptop, tablet, eReader and watch are all essentials … and the rest? Well, they all serve a very specific purpose. A portable charger always comes in handy because don’t you hate it when your phone dies before you can make that important call or take that incredible photo? Wireless earphones are revolutionary and screen cleaning towelettes are ideal for the germaphobe. So, these 16 items are all, in my opinion, worth considering the next time you’re packing your bags!

1 iPhone X | 2 Tech carrying case | 3 Kindle Oasis | 4 Portable charger | 5 Charging cord | 6 Airpods | 7 Nikon D5500 | 8 Tile tracker | 9 Away suitcase | 10 Apple Watch | 11 iPad Pro | 12 Moleskine Smart Writing Set | 13 Roku streaming stick | 14 Macbook Pro | 15 Bose Noise Canceling Earphones | 16 Screen cleaning towelettes

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