As I mentioned yesterday, I was just in California (Beverly Hills, to be precise) and I was chilling at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. While I was quite content to amuse myself at the hotel (gym, spa, pool, not to mention my sweet suite), I was also looking forward to taking a stroll down the famed Rodeo Drive to do some window shopping and maybe catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two.

With my credit card trembling in my purse, willing me to be sensible, I jumped into a car at the Four Seasons. They offer a complimentary car service that’ll take you anywhere within a two-mile radius of the hotel. From the hotel, Rodeo Drive is walkable but, as my friendly (and utterly gorgeous) driver pointed out, you have to be prepared. “It all depends on what kind of shoes you’re wearing,” he said, glancing down at my cute but impractical sandals. He smiled. I blushed. I worried that I was going to get kicked out of Beverly Hills for not being good-looking enough.

Anyway, I digress …

Rodeo Drive was, well, it was disappointing. It was virtually empty, save a few tourists like myself, toting GAP, not Gucci, shopping bags. It was shorter than I’d imagined, so the long stroll I had anticipated came to an abrupt end. Sure, the stores were fun to browse through for a few minutes each but truth be told, it’s not all that exciting when you can’t afford a single thing. I did splurge on a pair of silver sandals from Coach but aside from that, even the adorable key rings that sparkled by the cash register were too pricey for my tastes.

I had my book in my bag, hoping I’d find a nice spot to grab a tea, read and people watch. Nothing. I’ve been shopping in New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong and whether you’re burning the magnetic strip off the back of your credit card or not, the experience of walking through the shopping districts of those cities is exciting. The streets are filled with people and there’s a contagious energy around you. Not so on Rodeo Drive. Quel drag.

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