I just disembarked Seabourn Odyssey and as my little suitcase and I trundled down the gangway, I felt a palpable sense of sadness. Not only was I going to miss the luxurious life I was living on board this incredible cruise ship, but I was going to miss the friends I’d made in a mere seven days. I knew I’d miss the friendly crew members, each one always ready with a smile, most of them addressing me by name, though I’d never spoken to them before. And I’d miss my afternoon call to order room service – tea, cherries, crackers and cheese – whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Yes, Seabourn spoils its guests and it’s easy to get accustomed to the life they roll out from the moment you board the ship.

And of course, I’d miss waking up each morning in a new port of call. This cruise I just completed stopped every day at ports in Turkey and Greece. From Istanbul, we visited the ports of Dikili, Bodrum, Santorini, Mylos, Navplion and finally Athens. Each was special in its own way and I’ll tell you about them soon. But for now, I’m back on terra firme and missing the Seabourn experience. I wonder if I’ll be back on board one day. I hope so – this ship sails the world and I definitely hope to join them on another voyage, wherever that may be.

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