This isn’t the first time (and I don’t expect it to be the last) that I am bemoaning the difficulties of packing light. Everything about the idea of it appeals to me: It’s easier to haul around a small carry-on suitcase than one (or even two!) larger ones, carry-on only means your precious cargo won’t get lost and you needn’t waste valuable time waiting at the baggage carousel when you’ve just arrived in a fabulous new place you can’t wait to explore. But sometimes it’s hard to pack light when you’ve got so many things to carry around.

Enter Scottevest. The pros of traveling with a Scottevest jacket or vest are plentiful. But first, here’s a bit of information about them and why I like them:

Scottevest products make you feel a bit like James Bond. They’re full of secrets and surprises. The jackets and vests are so much more than mere clothing. They provide a plethora of hidden pockets for valuables like your iPhone or iPod, Blackberry, wallet, sunglasses, bottled water or whatever other essentials you like to tote around. With all the pockets located on the inside, no one can see what you’re carrying, yet everything is easily accessible, leaving your hands free for more important tasks. And there’s no questioning the value of this when you’re traveling, juggling your suitcase and laptop bag and travel documents.

With clear touch fabric pockets, devices like your iPhone, iPod or Blackberry can all be used without removing them from the safe and secure pockets. Simply open up the vest and answer calls or launch your favourite tunes. (There’s even a Personal Area Network for managing wires for phones and MP3 players. Seriously. Cool.) And the built-in weight management system means that the weight in each pocket is balanced evenly for increased comfort.

But I have to admit that what I like most is the flattering fit. The women’s vest is really nicely tailored, offering a snug but sleek look. And with all my valuables tucked safely away, I don’t need to carry a heavy bag on my shoulder, which really makes travel so much more enjoyable.

My vest has become a travel essential but when the weather warms up here in Toronto and I shed my winter coat, I look forward to wearing it around town — it’s casual chic, perfect not just for travel but for every day wear, too.

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