briggs-and-riley-featureFinding the perfect suitcase can leave stressed out travelers feeling a bit like Goldilocks. This one’s too big (won’t fit in the overhead bin) and that one’s too small (won’t fit all those shoes). The search for the suitcase that feels just right may take a while but it’s worth the effort once you find the one you choose to be your trusted companion.

I’ve traveled with many different types of suitcases. I typically travel with carry-on only, as readers of this site already know, but on occasion, I’ve needed something larger. Case in point: The Viking River Cruise I took during the Christmas holidays. My little carry-on just wasn’t going to cut it for that trip. I needed room for all my cozy but bulky winter sweaters but more importantly, I needed room left over for Christmas market shopping!

My search for the perfect suitcase led me to Briggs & Riley, where I discovered the Medium Expandable Spinner. Why do I love this suitcase? Here are my top three reasons:

1 It’s got four wheels
Anyone who’s not using a four-wheel suitcase, listen up. It’s time to make the switch. I beseech you. Join me in making 2014 your year of the four-wheel suitcase. Once you’ve tried it, you will never go back. Four wheels give your suitcase so much more maneuverability than two wheels and you’ll never again be forced to drag your too-heavy luggage through a crowded airport again. With four wheels, you and your suitcase will glide through the airport easily and effortlessly. Briggs and Riley’s Spinner suitcase has four double-swivel wheels for 360 navigation and the difference those two extra wheels make is remarkable.

2 It’s expandable
For me, the Medium Expandable Spinner is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. OK, scratch that … is a suitcase ever really too big to carry all the stuff you want to pack? But it’s an easy-to-manage size and if you need a bit of extra room to bring home, oh, I don’t know, ornaments and chocolates from a Christmas market cruise, this suitcase has a zipper expansion that gives the suitcase 10% more room.

3 It’s got superior construction
This suitcase isn’t exactly cheap. Sporting a price tag of $519, it’s reasonable to expect that it’s more durable and well constructed than something that costs far less. And it is. The exterior nylon fabric is moisture resistant and has stood up to a lot of action on my travels. I love the cushioned top carry handle, which is easy on the hands and clicks into place at three different heights, and the outside pockets make it easy to stay organized and provide quick access to whatever items you might need.

Overall, the Briggs & Riley Medium Expandable Spinner is a spacious and sizeable suitcase but looks sleek and streamlined. When a carry-on suitcase just isn’t big enough, this is my go-to option. It’s got both form and function – what more could you want from a suitcase?

Buy the Briggs & Riley Medium Expandable Spinner here and see the entire Briggs & Riley collection here.


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