How have I not known about dual voltage flat irons before? On three previous trips to Europe, I have blown my flat iron and/or hair dryer. The voltage just doesn’t convert. A guy in Radio Shack explained that adapters work for electronic devices (like your computer) but not electric devices, like my beloved flat iron. I’ve got bangs that need to be straightened and not having my flat iron bums me out. Listen, I know there are bigger problems than this. But, in ideal circumstances, I’d have my flat iron with me when I travel. Strolling through Winners a few days before my trip to Switzerland, I saw a display of flat irons (for $29.99). I checked them out and learned that they were dual voltage, meaning they would automatically convert for use in North America and Europe. Of course I picked one up, eager to put it to the test. It worked without a problem in Switzerland. It heats up to a temperature north of 400F and it’s so slim and sleek, it was nice and easy to pack. The one I purchased was made by a company called Ceramika Pro but after looking online, I couldn’t find a website or any additional information on them. Strange. But there are lots more dual voltage flat irons out there for you to choose from. I highly recommend picking one up before your next trip to Europe!

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