Travel is one of the most amazing things I get to do with my job. I’m blessed and welcome every opportunity I get to visit a new place with open arms. Having done so much travel in the past few years, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing light and packing smart. But the key to smart packing is knowing what you really need and what you can (and should) leave at home. Over the next little while, I’m going to share some of my favourite travel essentials. Today: Glambags.

There’s no getting around airport security. We have to abide by the rules even if we don’t like them. On my recent trip to Switzerland, I worried about the fact that many European hotels don’t have hair conditioner in the showers. What? I’m a girl who NEEDS conditioner. I made the rookie mistake of trying to sneak a full-size bottle of conditioner through security in my carry-on only luggage. Foiled. The pretty security agent who found it was nice … but she still STOLE my conditioner. I should have known better.

So, it’s back to those little sandwich bags, crammed with bottles containing every last drop of liquid I think I might need. All hotels will have shampoo, so you needn’t pack any of that. But if you desperately need your conditioner, it’s wise to bring a travel-sized bottle to tide you over until you arrive at your destination and can get to a drugstore, just in case the hotel doesn’t supply any. Anyway, I loved these cute travel bags when I saw them and thought I’d share. Glambags are specifically for your liquids when you travel so they’ll make the journey in style, just like you. So instead of scrambling for a sandwich bag when you’re packing, keep a box of these on hand and you’ll be good to go!

Available at: Kiki*C
Price: $8.95

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