In addition to being a gadget junkie as I revealed yesterday, I’m also crazy about gorgeous paper products – stationery, note cards, journals and the like. I keep a travel diary and write in it every time I take to the skies. The journal I currently use is small and has a brown leather cover. It’s soft and feels so good in my hands. I love pulling it out of my bag every time I settle into my seat on an airplane and writing about my anticipation for the trip to come and about my experiences on the way home. I love going back, months, even years later, re-reading my entries and reliving the exhilaration of those travels. These 5×7 journals (below) are genuine leather and are handcrafted in Italy. The gorgeous cover artwork in lively colours is screen printed and depicts Florence at the height of its Renaissance glory. That’s certainly enough to start me dreaming … and writing.

Available at: Barnes & Noble, $49.95.


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