Pinterest has long been my favourite platform to share content on. It’s full of endless inspiration and I use it for everything from finding new recipes, birthday party ideas and decorating projects (it was an invaluable resource when I moved into my new house) to staying on top of fashion trends and planning my travels.

I was an early adopter on Pinterest, signing up for an account shortly after it launched in 2010 and immediately got hooked. It became a running joke with my husband; at the first sign that I was distracted, he knew I was on Pinterest. Fast forward eight years and Pinterest is still my favourite platform and I’m a constant advocate for why brands should be leveraging it. Because it’s not just a place to look at pretty pictures. Pinterest has inspired me to take action (bake that cake, buy that dress, take that trip, paint that wall) far more than any other website, search engine or social media platform has. With over 200 million users on Pinterest monthly, this is a huge audience for marketers and content creators to reach.

Because I’m such a big fan of Pinterest, I like to stay on top of how it’s evolving and how best I can use it, both personally and professionally. So I checked in with Lauren Michaels on the community marketing team at Pinterest to ask her some questions, find out what’s new and what’s hot for 2018, especially when it comes to travel! Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What’s your favourite Pinterest feature?
A: If you are like me and have hundreds (if not, thousands!) of Pins on your boards, then you know it’s not always easy to find that one idea you saved to your travel board about the best coffee shops to visit in London. But, I’m here to save the day! There’s a new way to organize your ideas and clean up your boards on Pinterest—introducing my (and maybe your) new best friend called ‘Board Sections’.

To start organizing, go to one of your boards and tap “Add section.” From there, pick the Pins you want to add and voila—you’ve got a section! You can save new ideas to it like you always do, like using the Pinterest save button for your browser. Check out my Sips and Bites board for inspiration! In addition, check out a few other new organization tools that make it easier to plan your next project, including rearranging Pins and archiving boards (YES!)

Q: What’s your best tip to help travelers get the most out of Pinterest?
A: Anytime I’m planning my next trip (whether that be an outdoor adventure, weekend getaway or stay abroad), I create a board on that specific destination and use the Pinterest search bar to discover ideas and inspiration. There are over 100 billion Pins on Pinterest, so regardless of where you’re heading to next, search your point of destination and you’ll find all sorts of details on where to stay, which restaurants to visits and key attractions. For example, I’m planning a vacation to Greece in the fall and searching for things like “Athens day trips” or “packing for Greece” and have already found hundreds of must-do sights to visit. And, since I love ‘sections’, I’ve been using this feature to help me keep everything organized. I also start following others on Pinterest who have boards on the places I’ll be visiting, so I can see their ideas in the new following tab (a place focused entirely on the people and boards you follow on Pinterest).

Q: What’s your favourite travel-related pin on Pinterest?
A: Oh! This is a hard decision. Well, since I’m planning for Greece, I recently saved this Pin on the ultimate food and wine guide to Santorini. Seeing the text callout helped explain the context of the Pin and I immediately clicked through to find out where I should eat along the way (if you are a content creator, try incorporating some copy onto your images. Food Pins with these call-outs have seen 23% higher click-through rates).

Q: What’s a Pinterest feature that not a lot of people know about?
A: I mentioned the following tab above, but it is definitely my favorite feature on Pinterest right now! It’s one of the best ways to discover new ideas on Pinterest now and see the latest Pins from all the people you follow, in the order they save them. If you are a content creator, the new following tab makes it easy for Pinners to discover more ideas from people and brands they care about.

With this new tab, you have more control of your Pinterest discover experience—you can see and control who you follow by tapping the “+” button at the top of the following tab. From there, you can also discover more people to follow based on your interests and unfollow anything that’s no longer relevant. It’s great!

Q: With over four billion travel ideas on Pinterest, what’s trending in 2018?
A: Oh, so much! We are seeing trends in solo ventures, stopovers, surf school and more. I love that people are looking forward to long weekends near or far, and creating experiences that are truly personal and unique (a trend from our Pinterest 100 forecast for 2018). And, if you’re looking to head to the vineyards for your next trip, saves for wine trips are up more than 119%. Getting around on train is one my favorite ways to travel. It’s a whole new way to see the world and personally, a favorite of mine. We are also seeing a rise in train travel (+136%) to get out of big cities and enjoy small town stops. But, if you love to get active, we are seeing an increased interest in booking bike tours and surf classes as a new type of adventure!

Q: According to Pinterest, what are some of the most popular travel destinations?
A: This year, there are many new hot spots on the rise! Desert destinations like Morocco, Dubai, Atacama Desert and Joshua Tree are heating up and travelers are swapping the high seas for stellar natural scenery on river wanders through Vietnam, Germany and Egypt (saves for “river cruises” +346%). And, if you love history (like me), head off the beaten path to old world Europe and ancient sites like Angkor Wat (saves for “historical travel” +92%).

So, there you have it! Plus, here are some more tips, tricks and best practices for using Pinterest. I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions or if there’s anything you’d like to know about how you can best use Pinterest, leave a comment below and I will get back to you!



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