natalie-wantfolio-featureAs a full-time digital content creator, I’m an enormous consumer of media. With my iPhone never far from my side, I’m able to stay on top of the news of the day, find out what’s trending in the world and stay connected with friends and family. My iPhone is one of my most invaluable gadgets as it connects me to the world and to information in a way that nothing else can. And through it, I’m constantly inspired. I’m always learning new things, whether it’s about the world we live in or how to make a killer chocolate cake.

I recently partnered with Wantfolio, which is a new lifestyle app that allows users to read, see, save, snap and share everything they want in content curated from around the world. As one of their featured bloggers, I’ve had the chance to dive deep into the content on Wantfolio and find all kinds of things that I want. On the app, you can create boards where you save content that inspires you. My curated collection of boards feature everything from tech and travel content to food, fashion, beauty, decor and design.

The editor of the Wantfolio blog, the lovely Lesley Metcalfe, interviewed me to find out more about my personal and professional life, my passions and how they all weave together to help me create my blog. Check out the full interview here.

Don’t forget: If you’re looking for inspiring new content to read, download the Wantfolio app!
This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed within are my own.

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