One of the hardest things about traveling constantly is staying healthy and fit. When I’m at home, it’s so much simpler. I have easy access to healthy and nutritious foods but on the road, I tend to eat what’s quick, easy and nearby, which means I’m not always making the healthiest choices. At home, I love hitting the Soul Cycle studio around the corner from my house for an invigorating workout but when I’m traveling, it’s impossible to keep a consistent schedule.

So, I love when a hotel gets that the struggle is real and tries to help. My husband, Jack and I just recently visited Chicago and stayed at the Westin Chicago River North. As I walked in and approached the check-in desk, the first thing I saw was a life-size poster, advertising the hotel’s Rise and Ride program. What?!

Westin has recently partnered with Peloton to offer guests bikes to ride while they’re traveling. The Westin Chicago River North has two rooms equipped with the bikes and has two more bikes in their fitness centre. Select Westin hotels across the country also have Peloton bikes – most have them in their fitness centres while a handful of locations offer bikes in-room. As a mom with a young baby who can’t easily sneak away to hit the gym for an hour, having an in-room bike is a dream and I LOVE that Westin is offering this unique service to guests!

Plus, while I love Soul Cycle, it gets pretty expensive so I’ve definitely been considering getting a Peloton bike. If you do the math, the bike pays for itself pretty quickly when compared to the cost of Soul Cycle classes. But who wants to drop about $2,000 on an at-home bike without trying it out first? Well, if you stay at a Peloton-equipped Westin hotel, you can test-ride the bike first to see if it’s something you’ll love and want to invest in for home.

The other thing I love about Westin hotels is their gear-lending program. Forgot your workout clothes at home or didn’t have enough room in your suitcase to pack them? Don’t sweat it! Westin has partnered with New Balance to provide guests with workout gear. Just call down to ‘Service Express’ and let them know what you need and in what size and within 15 minutes, freshly laundered New Balance clothing and shoes will be brought straight to your room.

You seriously can’t beat that for service.

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  1. Monica
    November 17, 2017 at 4:40 pm (7 years ago)

    I think the partnership with Westin x Peloton is brilliant — it’s a win-win for both brands. I own a Peloton bike and love the convenience of getting an amazing workout at home. Making it easy and fun to workout while traveling is a great perk.


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