I traveled to California two weeks ago and I carried a heavy old hardcover in my shoulder bag. I could honestly feel it weighing me down as I made my way through the airport but I had no choice. An avid reader, there was no way I was going to go away for a week and not bring a book with me. And I’m so glad I did. Jodi Picoult’s House Rules made perfect vacation reading. Of course, I finished the book halfway through my trip, so had to hit a bookstore to pick up another book.

When my vacation came to an end, I had to leave my hardcover behind. It was simply too heavy to cart back home, especially since I’d bought yet another book.

I’m complaining, I know. So what’s my point? My point is that if I’d had an eReader, none of this would have been a concern.

I just got the Kobo – the latest eReader to hit the market and I’m in love. I wasn’t sure how I’d fare, making the transition from paper books to an electronic reader but the Kobo proves its worth. Brought to us by Indigo Books, Kobo is set to hit the market on May 1 and book lovers everywhere are going to be impressed.

Here’s what I love most:

It’s so light. At just 221 grams, it is easy to hold in bed and weighs nothing in your bag if you’re traveling.

eInk Technology. Imitating the printed word on paper, books are easy to read on the glare-free screen. Fonts are customizable, too. You can choose from serif or sans serif.

It’s portable! I love that I never have to carry heavy hardcovers in my bag again. Traveling with Kobo means I can have a library of 1000 books at my fingertips. Which also means I have options. If I don’t feel like reading the book I’ve started, I can easily choose something else. Visit indigo.ca/ebooks to browse available titles.

The price. At just $149, Kobo is one of the most competitively priced eReaders on the market. Plus, eBooks are much cheaper than their paper counterparts. A new release which might run you $35 in the bookstore is often half that price when purchased as an eBook.

Want one? Click here for your chance to win a Kobo.

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