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When most people think of ‘vacation’, they typically think of heading somewhere warm. Palm trees and beaches hold more allure than cold winds and slushy streets. But one of the best trips I’ve ever taken was also one of the coldest. My husband Johnny Jet and I took a Viking river cruise along the Danube one cold December, exploring Europe’s incredible Christmas markets. It was freezing cold and it was spectacular!

There’s a saying: There’s no such thing as cold weather, just inappropriate clothing. And that was definitely true on the river cruise. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, I was toasty warm because I was properly dressed from head to toe. If you’re headed out on a winter trip, check out my winter wardrobe essentials, which will not only keep you warm but looking stylish, too!

Jacket with Fur Hood
A hooded jacket is an absolute essential in cold weather but one with a (faux) fur hood makes an enormous difference. The fur really blocks out the wind, keeping your face protected and warm. I would never go through the winter or travel to a cold destination without a jacket with a fur-lined hood!

Base Layers
Layering is another obvious way to stay warm but know what to look for. Clothing that’s specifically made for base layering is ideal. Look for items that are temperature regulating and will wick moisture away from your skin. Even better if it’s odor-resistant, too!

Warm Boots
If your feet are cold, you’ll be miserable so invest in really warm boots. Me? I swear by Uggs for the ultimate in warmth and coziness. Even on the coldest days of the year, my feet are always toasty warm in Uggs, swathed in suede and sheepskin wool.

I started traveling with slippers a couple of years ago and now I never leave home without them. Not only do they protect my feet from dirty hotel room floors, but they provide warmth, comfort and a home-away-from-home feeling. And in cold destinations, you’ll be happy to slip into them after a long day out in the chilly elements.

You’ve probably heard that you lose 80% of your body’s heat through your head but apparently that’s an old wives tale … something your mom always told you, just to get you to wear your hat! True or not, a hat is definitely a cold-weather wardrobe essential for staying warm. I’m never more miserable than when my hands, feet and head are cold, so keep them warm and you’ll be a much happier cold weather traveler!

sierra-trading-post1Need some shopping inspiration? Sierra Trading Post offers a wide selection of apparel, footwear and other outdoor gear. I love the selection of brands and the great value – amazing prices on items you’ll love. So when it comes to shopping for winter wardrobe essentials, Sierra Trading Post is a great place to start! Here are my top 12 winter wardrobe picks:

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